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Funding Consultant |Sales Strategist| Entrepreneur | Author

Gina Johnson Smith secures funding, grants and sponsorships to assistance U. S. and International Private Companies and non-profits in raising capital. Ms. Smith provides introductions to both private and public equity funding sources to further business development. Investor partners include Individual Investors, Corporate Investors, Venture Capital Firms, Private Equity Firms, Angel Investors and Business Lenders.

As founder of SPMG Media, a global marketing and public relations firm. Gina oversees SPMG Media, serving as the Chief Operating Officer and senior editor of SPMG Media PEOPLE Magazine and Authors & Artists Magazine, the online and print profile and entertainment magazines.

As a Sales Strategist with a 10-year successful track record creating and developing branded content, increasing new business development, social monetization strategies, corporate sponsorships, and audience development strategies, Gina is known for an engaging style with clients and partners while also inspiring a positive culture and pushing for innovative ideas. Under her leadership, she spearheaded a massive sales program in June 2020 that increased one client's monthly revenue by $86,000 per month and an additional $1.2 million in bottom line fees during the pandemic!


As a Performance Coach/Consultant, she helps organizations understand the power of relationship engagement and customer service.


Professional Growth
Sales Growth
Extraordinary Customer Service
Influencer Marketing 
Self-Directed Public Relations & Marketing

Self Growth
Women Counseling - Transforming Your Life
Youth Counseling - Transitioning Into Adulthood
Everyday Bible Life Coaching & Soul Care 

Securing Funding & Sponsorships

Securing Business Funding

Securing Sponsorships for Events & Projects

Film Financing

Funding from $10,000 - $50 million or more

Books From
Gina Johnson Smith


 100 Important Life Lessons for Everyone presents wisdom in a straightforward, no-nonsense way. These timeless truths of life will help you to wake from inaction, take the steps necessary to renew your own mind while navigating your way through life with the wisdom necessary to improve the quality of your whole life.


The years from teen to adult can sometimes be difficult-passing from parent-dependent child to self-sufficient adult. Author Gina Johnson Smith will share with you some important things you need to consider for a successful life transition. You will learn the importance of: 

  • Discovering your strengths and weaknesses

  • Looking beyond today's circumstances

  • Discovering and controlling your trigger points

  • Finding ways to say, "not now" to sex and much, much more!



385 S. Lemon Ave.#E236

Walnut, CA 91789

Tel: 909-294-7236


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