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Gina Johnson Smith is the founder of SPMG Media, a global marketing and public relations firm. She currently oversees SPMG Media, serving as the Chief Operating Officer and senior editor of Authors & Artists Magazine, an online entertainment magazine designed to highlight current entertainment, events and indie talent, as well as more than 8 other publications published by SPMG Media.

As a Sales Strategist with a 10-year successful track record creating and developing branded content, increasing new business development, social monetization strategies, corporate sponsorships, and audience development strategies, Gina is known for an engaging style with clients and partners while also inspiring a positive culture and pushing for innovative ideas. Under her leadership, she spearheaded a massive sales program in June 2020 that increased one client's monthly revenue by $86,000 per month during the pandemic!

She is currently providing COVID-19 


As a Performance Coach/Consultant, she helps organizations understand the power of relationship engagement and customer service.

As a Bible teacher and workshop/seminar leader and counselor; Gina has been instrumental in teaching biblical wisdom, its application and life skills to thousands of individuals from all walks of life. Through her books, programs, presentations and coaching she has helped countless people tap into their authenticity and transform their lives - no matter what the situation or environment.

'The result of your life depends on your mind, your mouth and your actions. Now, where are we going?"

Gina is a mother of two, a grandmother of six and a Bonus Mom/Mentor to hundreds of young women around the country. Known as 'Mama Gina', she is no-nonsense, compassionate but truthful. She has a strong desire to see individuals overcome life's challenges and become Soul Whole and grounded in a way that brings peace, purpose and prosperity.


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