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Areas of Expertise

Funding Consulting

Securing Business Funding

Securing Sponsorships for Events & Projects

Film Financing

Funding from $10,000 - $50 million

Professional Growth


Sales Growth

Extraordinary Customer Service

Influencer Marketing

Self-Directed Publicity & Public Relations

Self Growth

Personal Coaching - Transforming Your Life

Youth Coaching - Transitioning Into Adulthood

Everyday Life Bible Coaching & Soul Care

My Approach

Professional & Personal Growth


What do you want to accomplish? Where do you want to see your organization in the next 5 - 10 years? Once these questions are answered, we analyze what you're doing versus what you should be doing and help you establish a plan to get there. This can be accomplished for an organization or an individual. 


Often we need insight into how our beliefs and subconscious actions are impeding our progress. Perhaps you need a third-party assessment. Maybe help to push through self-esteem issues. Maybe overcoming a difficult past or challenging people. 

Times are very challenging. As individuals and organizations, you need the best tools possible to not only survive but thrive during these times. I help you develop the tools necessary to push through and excel during difficulty. 

Choose How to Proceed:

Consulting - 8 to 16-week commitment, depending on goals and needs.

Coaching - Designed to help individuals with personal and professional growth. Coaching is conducted via Zoom meeting, Chat or Email.  30 minute - 2-hour sessions.

Presentation to your Group or Organization - 35 - 45-minute presentation to your group or organization slanted to your topic (select from our areas of expertise).

For Customized Quote, Contact Me! 

My Approach
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